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A Virtual Discussion on COLORISM w/ Rosa Falu

Dear L.I.F.E. Members:

On December 6th at 2 PM EST, our very own Rosa Falu will be hosting an exciting (and IMPORTANT!) virtual discussion on the topic of Colorism. I, myself, will be there and hope that you'll join us in supporting Rosa. These discussions help to bring more awareness and shed that much-needed light on a subject that is impacting us all. But, together, we are UNSTOPPABLE.

Please see below for more information from Rosa:

"I am incredibly proud of the work ALPFA is doing in creating DEI awareness for our Latino community and others that are underrepresented. We hope you will be joining us at this virtual conference. As we continue this journey, my Latina colleagues, who are scholars in the field of Hispanic Culture, and I would like to share with you vital information on the current Latinidad leadership gap crisis that continues. In addition, we are engaged in ground-breaking research that will help us uncover the specific cultural challenges and barriers Latinos/as have when wanting to advance in the workplace. Once the research is completed, we will be able to provide cutting-edge data analysis and effective practical solutions. Organizations like ALPFA have devoted their lives and professions to advancing and empowering Latinidad in all industries. This crisis that continues to impact our creative community can no longer be silenced, as reports have shown even in streaming, that our people are the majority of consumers. We need to raise our voices and represent in collaboration with a wide scope of efforts throughout the DEI awareness.

Juntos en La Cultura Siempre,



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