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Vega Montanez

Vega Montanez

Entertainment Category:

PR/Media, TV/Film Production, Writing


Executive, Producer, Showrunner, Director, Writer, Podcaster


Bronx, NY

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Today, I am an award winning writer and producer. At 9 years old I was accused of plagiarizing a short story about Ninjas. The accusations were false but the experience was real and so belittling I became resistant to creative writing. The stories were still flowing through my head endlessly, the desire to let them out was shattered. Video Games, Mixed Martial Art, and baseball became my replacements for writing and reading new adventures.

Since “The Hurt We Share”, my first feature film, I’ve worked over a dozen feature films, I’ve been part of and lead writers rooms for independent television/web series, and I’ve been hired to convert two novels to series and one to film. Most recently I completed my next feature film, an action thriller titled “The Burden of anime Lives”, I’m producing a horror feature titled “A Quiet Road” and just premiered “Nico” an Action feature in Philadelphia. I produce stories that expand the worlds and roles people like myself can inhabit and engage in. My name is Vega Montañez and I am an award-winning, Dominican-American, Writer, Director, and producer from Providence, RI.

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