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Silvia Lara

Silvia Lara

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TV/Film Production


Director, Cinematographer, Director of Photography


Los Angeles

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Silvia Lara is an award-winning cinematographer and writer/director born in Chihuahua, Mexico, was raised back and forth between Mexico and L.A County and is a permanent resident. Her body of work includes narrative, music video, documentary, and experimental film in a variety of formats including 16mm and 35mm film.
Her short, “Beauty Never Lost,” was deemed the winner at the Frieze Art Festival in 2020 and paid homage to her American hometown of Whittier, California and its bustling Latino and lowrider cruising culture.
Silvia’s previous film “Impetus” challenged her in directing carefully planned stunt work and fast-paced action. “Impetus” won the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s Audience Choice for best film.
She holds an A.A. in English Literature and a B.A. in Film from UCLA and is a Cinematography alumni at the American Film Institute Conservatory.
As both a life and career goal, Silvia works diligently to align herself with people and projects that make conscious commentary and that have the potential to have reverberating effects in culture today. It is her greatest ambition to use her skillset as a storyteller to create works stemming from the communities in which she has personal ties and lived-experience.
In her personal time, Silvia is a translator for the L.A. Tenant’s Union, working to protect the housing rights of tenants and is the Area-1 Representative on the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council serving as a liaison between the needs of her community and those in positions to effect change.

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