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Maydé Alpi

Maydé Alpi

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TV/Film Production, Writing




Los Angeles

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Her name is Maydé Alpi. If you say it in English, it kind of sounds like “My Day” which implies that she seizes every day as if it were her own. In reality, Maydé is a first-generation Cuban American woman, born and raised in Miami, FL, who catastrophizes even the best of circumstances but, on occasion, moonlights as an optimist. She is a Producer/Writer/Director who stands at the intersection of theatre, film, and television where she amplifies the universal stories of the marginalized and misrepresented. She worked as a TV and Film Development Executive for an independent producer with a focus on book-to-television and film adaptations in kids and family media. She was also a founding member of The Joust Theatre Company where she served as the Associate Artistic Director, lead producer, and director of many Joust productions in its efforts to produce relevant, sensitive, and fearless work by early career playwrights. As the name implies, they had been known to joust. After 10 years of calling NYC home, she finally got her "I'm a real New Yorker" card and immediately moved to Los Angeles with it. She was most recently a Writers' Assistant on We Were the Lucky Ones for Hulu / 20th TV.

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