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Lisa & Gina Gomez

Lisa & Gina Gomez

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Los Angeles, CA

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Lisa and Gina Gomez are a queer, Latinx twin sister screenwriting team that have placed in the Top 50 of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships, have been finalists in Final Draft’s Big Break Contest, semifinalists in the PAGE International Screenwriting Competition and Screencraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship, and have 7 years of professional script coverage experience including for ICM and the Black List.

They grew up in South Florida in a Latinx household, and were simultaneously raised by a proud and creative Indigenous grandmother who wore traditional Lenca dresses and colorful scarves on their father’s side, and by a judgmental but hilarious Cuban grandmother on their mother’s side.

Growing up mixed in a suburban white town and being twins, everyone always had their eyes on the siblings, which ostracized them, but also empowered them.

They write horror, drama, and biopics that are character driven and that’s always packed with social commentary from the point of view of the outcast. They strive to prove that queer people have always existed and enjoy writing historical and modern stories through a queer lens.

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