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Kennedy Cortez

Kennedy Cortez

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TV/Film Production, Writing


Writer, Actor, Voice Actor



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I'm an experienced writer with a focus in screenplays. I have been dedicated to writing since I knew how. I’m passionate about both fictional and non-fictional topics and have been recognized with great praise for my work in both. I have a flawless eye for design, story creation and people skills.

I attended Colorado State University with a focus in Journalism before studying abroad in China and then Japan. I focused on language, culture and also documentary film at Kwansei Gakuin University. After completing my own documentary, I realized how much I loved creating in such a medium. Upon returning to the U.S, I began at Colorado Film School, a top rated university which feeds into the entertainment industry. Between breaks, I take any opportunity to travel and have been extensively to more than fourteen countries and can’t wait for more!

I’m highly experienced using programs such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Final Draft, PlayWrite and more! With over five years of experience I’ve honed many talents such as editing, writing, filming, modeling, acting and leadership roles.

I won first place in the Denver Women's Press Club fiction writing competition in 2015. I was nominated Best Actress in the CFS Film Festival in 2019. Throughout all of my schooling I have upkept impeccable grades and a 4.0 GPA enabling me to graduate with institutional honors Summa Cum Laude in 2021.

Now graduated, I have written several scripts for movies and TV shows, done narrative work, articles, video games and am aiming to begin my career as a young, female writer in the industry I love!

I am ready to take my expertise into the workplace as a dedicated and passionate creator. I will be the perfect choice for any team or solo based project, bringing a unique eye and talent to the table. I am ready to learn, I love feedback and any experience that can further what I find most enjoyable!

Best regards,

Kennedy Cortez

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