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Keila Alvarado

Keila Alvarado

Entertainment Category:

TV/Film Production, Writing


Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Crew, Media


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Keila is an emerging Film Director and award-winning Screenwriter of film. She had received scholarships for scriptwriting by Sundance Collab. and the Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society, to name a few. In addition, she is the Associate Producer of the projects, FollowLeadLOVE, a documentary about ballroom dance, and a fantasy animation series. Initially, Keila started as an Assistant with years of diverse experience in different industries and was previously contracted by several TV/Film production companies, including work for CBS Corporation, supporting C-suite executives. She is currently a freelance writer for and employed through the US Government. Keila recently completed a pilot for a dramedy TV series and is working on a drama series as a hired screenwriter. Keila shares stories of resilience and gives back by either volunteer or chair roles in organizations such as Women in Animation, Latinos in Film and Entertainment, Fairygodboss Inc., Daughters of Penelope International, Women of Color Unite, and mentoring for National Association for Minorities in Communications, to name a few. She helps entry-level mentees through mentorship and brings professionals together through organizing events in NYC and New Jersey.

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