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Kay Broch

Kay Broch

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TV/Film Production, Writing


Producer, Writer, Podcaster


Los Angeles

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K. Broch (like the old ladies pin) is an imaginative only child raised by a single Chicana mother in Michigan. Being mixed and bisexual, she often tells dark, comedic stories of complex women in an identity crisis. Despite dabbling in crime as a teen, she got her ankle tether off just in time to graduate from Michigan State University and have her very own redemption story, becoming successful in the world of marketing. A bit of a renaissance woman, she's worked in music, production, and beauty as a blogger and makeup artist. She moved from Chicago to LA after a near-death experience, and after many classes her teachers encouraged her to adapt her nonfiction into TV comedies. Her brand Only Child Syndrome has expanded from a memoir, to a TV series and a production company. She's a cohost of the, She Said...Let's! podcast, with the intention of empowering women in film & TV.

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