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Justin Aguirre

Justin Aguirre

Entertainment Category:

TV/Film Production


Director of Photography, Cinematographer



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Born and raised in Southern California, Justin has always been surrounded by film. Taking up 35mm photography in his teens, he started down a visual path at 36 shots at a time. After graduating with a degree in film production, Justin developed a reputation for this dedicated work ethic and his easy to work with personality. His work has taken him around the world, making stunning images, memories, and friends along the way. Always a student, he’s never afraid to experiment with new gear or techniques and believes in the power of storytelling to guide him in his choices on screen.

In the fall of 2021 Justin was accepted into the prestigious ASC Vision Mentorship Program being paired with ASC member Checco Varese. A very proud moment in his career to have his acclaimed colleagues recognize the artistry Justin has been striving for in his work. This hard work has translated into having the privilege of shooting a number of feature films including, “Binti”, the first film Netflix picked up from the country of Tanzania for global acquisition.

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