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Jeffrey Carrillo

Jeffrey Carrillo

Entertainment Category:

TV/Film Production


Director, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer


New York City

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Born in NYC, raised in the Andes. I've lived my life from the mountains to the big city. Always looking to tel stories that engage and transform the paradigms and assumptions we make around life's most important questions. My work likes to dive in to identity, love and our relationship to reality. But to pay the bills throughout the years I've made fashion campaigns, some have played in the subways of NYC and Times Square. Also I have been nominated for a NY Emmy for my motion graphics work. But now I'm trying to shift my energy to creating narrative and in my efforts I've come to realize that world lacks the diversity I'm used to being surrounded with in a city like NY. Therefore I am here, applying to be a member, to find community with gente like me.

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