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Gabriel Hewitt-Wright

Gabriel Hewitt-Wright

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Performing Arts


Actor, Dancer


New York City

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I was first introduced to ballet and I later discovered modern dance at legat dance school In England. I improved rather rapidly and was able to be given opportunities that I thought I’d never get! I am currently attending Idyllwild Arts Academy as a dance major on a merit scholarship! I started dancing because I really enjoyed dancing in my room and I was always charmed with movement. However, it was my father who actually introduced me to ballet, and that eventually led to me doing modern dance. It was the athleticism and grace that really fascinated me from ballet and it was the expressive movements that inspired me from modern. I’m seeking to pursue a career in the world of dance by using my creativity of movement and imagination to dance professionally and to hopefully choreograph. I also like the idea of making costumes, building sets, working with the lighting, or to teach dance too. However, I’d really love to dance in a company and in videos! I love ballet too and would like to continue using that in my career somehow.

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