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Amos Hernandez

Amos Hernandez

Entertainment Category:

TV/Film Production


Director, Producer, Showrunner


Los Angeles

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I was born in Mexico City but grew up in St. Louis, Missouri; therefore, I enjoy incorporating these diverse perspectives into my work. In my stories, I aim to create relatable characters with remarkable journeys, always infused with my own flair and wit.

From an early age, I was fascinated by storytelling, particularly when I learned about stop-motion animation. Using the tools I had, my Legos and action figures, I created short videos that I uploaded to the internet. These early experiences helped me learn to balance action with story, and music with pace.

My latest film, "The Man and the Purple Door," has been screened and recognized at multiple festivals, including the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and Indiedance Festival, where it won best Sci-Fi Short.

Most importantly, I intend to continue working in all areas of production, so keep an eye out for some exciting new projects I have coming out soon!

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