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Adriana Gallegos

Adriana Gallegos

Entertainment Category:

PR/Media, TV/Film Production, Writing


Writer, Actor


New Mexico

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I started my career in broadcast journalism. Since then, I have worked in communication, government affairs, events management, digital marketing, video production, journalism, producing, and public affairs. While working as a communication professional, I continued to report on stories and be involved in journalism. I have worked with many companies and organizations nationally and internationally to effectively communicate their key messages to a specific target audience, both externally and internally. I'm also a native Spanish speaker and have an intermediate conversational level of Italian, which has helped to deliver strong messages and stories that resonated well with the diverse Spanish-speaking and Italian-speaking communities. However, for the past year I have been taking screenwriting classes to work on my feature film, Where the Pomegranate Tree Grows about how a middle-aged journalist's bad marriage and family's legacy of trauma force her to change. She vanishes without notice to find herself and the meaning of love helping her finally become a mother and be at peace.

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